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Children in 1st – 3rd grade will work on a wide variety of projects throughout the year that will introduce them to many different mediums and subjects, including projects reflecting the seasons. Simple drawing techniques in pencil, oil pastels and colored pencils, painting with watercolors or acrylics, and paper pop-up cards are some of the projects that will be done.



“Exploring Art” will work with a variety of subjects, mediums and techniques throughout the year such as charcoal, watercolors, Pop Art in acrylics, paper sculpture & pop-up cards, mosaic tiles, polymer clay, etc. It is intended to give a wide variety of art experiences, helping students explore how to use different materials, learn different techniques and develop new skills in various mediums.



Great parent & child activity!  This class covers the basics of oil or acrylic painting (student’s choice) such as use of materials, color mixing and traditional brush techniques. These are shown through demonstration and applied to landscapes, still life and floral paintings. Student choice of subject is allowed as they progress from beginner to intermediate level. Class is for 2 hours for 7th graders through adults. Students can use The Art Shoppe’s supplies for the first session, then will need to bring their own supplies; contact The Art Shoppe for a supply list.



After completing several sessions of Beginning Oil Painting class, students in Advanced Oil Painting progress to more advanced techniques and subjects. Time is spent on studying famous painters & styles of paintings and focusing on composition, color and brushwork. Student choice of subject is allowed as they progress from intermediate to advanced level. Students bring their own supplies; contact The Art Shoppe for a supply list.



This class is for teens and adult students who are interested in trying different drawing and painting mediums and subjects. A new medium &/or subject matter is introduced approximately every few weeks. Mediums covered include: drawing in pencil, colored pencils and charcoal; pen & ink; oil pastels; watercolor and oil painting. Subjects include: drawing people, animals, still life objects, landscapes and florals. Perfect for home schooling teens as their art class.



“Most people think they can’t draw; perhaps it’s because no one ever taught them how.”        Becky Mayhew

Students learn to “draw what they see” using a full range of drawing pencils. Traditional methods of recognizing shape & proportion and using value for shading and shadows to make something look 3-Dimensional are covered. As the name suggests, it is a foundational course that would be good for any level of student, 4th grade through adults. A supply kit may be purchased through The Art Shoppe, or a supply list is available.



In the cartoons class, students learn how to develop their own cartoon characters of inanimate objects, animals and people. Emphasis is placed on the foundational structure of the character and developing their ability to draw props and settings through the use of perspective. Comical and imaginative situations are explored as students develop their own comic strips and single-panel cartoons, then “ink them in” with permanent markers and finally add color.



Advanced cartooning students will apply their ability to cartoon animals, people and inanimate objects in a wide variety of projects such as poster and t-shirt design, logos and characters that portray favorite foods, such as cereals or snacks, children’s coloring pages for restaurants and theme park maps. These finished projects make excellent portfolio pieces for those considering art/cartooning as a major in college.



[Note: Calligraphy classes are scheduled on an “as interested” or workshop basis. Contact Becky Mayhew to discuss scheduling options.]

In Calligraphy, students begin by learning the classic “Chancery Cursive” alphabet.  No previous art classes are necessary. Students 4th grade through adults focus on letter formation and spacing; working first on letters, then words, then sentences.  A simple saying is completed in the class for a final project.

In Calligraphy II, concentration is given to spacing and composition with completion of a more complicated piece with decorative embellishment. Advanced students may choose to learn other lettering styles and how to address envelopes for invitations.



“Painting with watercolors is not as hard as everyone thinks!”      

Color mixing and washes are demonstrated and students explore a variety of techniques and interesting ways to show texture through the use of some common materials such as table salt, tissues and rubber cement. These are demonstrated and applied to simple paintings with exceptional results. Multiple paintings are completed within a session. Supplies are provided by The Art Shoppe for the first session, after that a supply list is provided for students to bring their own supplies. We can help order supplies, if needed.



After completing several sessions of Watercolor I, students in Watercolor II are able to use more advanced techniques and subjects. Time is spent on studying famous painters & paintings and focusing on composition, color and brushwork.

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