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Price List: Watercolors on 140# WC paper

  • 5 x 7                        $85
  • 8 x 10                        $135
  • 9 x 12                        $195
  • 11 x 14                        $250
  • 16 x 20                        $325
  • 20 x 24                        $400
  • 22 x 28                        $450
  • 24 x 36                        $500
  • Custom Sizes: $1.25/square inch


Veggies: Beets

Veggies-WC-Beets-groupingTitle: “Farmer’s Market Treasure-I” (Photo marked as “Veggies-Beets”)

Description: Watercolor of vibrantly-colored vegetables “just purchased at a Farmer’s Market” with a dramatically contrasting black background; featuring beets, baskets of tomatoes & peppers, an onion, and a red chili pepper in the foreground. Original image size: 8 x 14”

Part of a set of two—see “Farmer’s Market Treasure-II” for its companion piece. Prints available from the online store.


Watercolor Family Floral reducedFamily Floral

Create a family heirloom with the flower-of-the-month of each member of your family. The “floral arrangement” will be custom designed for you with a container suitable to the style you prefer. Due to each arrangement containing different flowers and sizes, price will be determined on a per painting basis. This example: Original image size: 18 x 24”; value:$325.


Flower-of-the-Month Flowers:

January – Carnation                    May – Lily-of-the-Valley          September – Aster

February – Primrose                    June – Rose                              October – Marigold

March – Daffodil                    July – Delphinium                    November – Chrysanthemum

April – Sweet Pea                    August – Gladiolus                    December – Narcissus


Barn in Autumn

WC-Barn-in-FallTitle:  “Barn in Autumn”

Description: Watercolor of an antique barn in the fall w/young man and his dog in foreground. Original image size: 11 x 14”



Summer-Birches-WCBirches in Summer w/ Robins

Title: “Birches in Summer with Robins”

Description: Watercolor of crisp white Paper Birch trees on a sunny summer day in a glade with a pair of Robins and an evergreen forest in the background. Original image size: 9 x 12”

Part of a set of two—see “Winter Birches with Cardinal” for its companion piece. Prints available from the online store.


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