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Online "Art Classes @ Home w/ Becky Mayhew"


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My Google Classroom has an Orientation page where students can view introductory classes for FREE. Please send an email request to: theartshoppe@comcast.net

Young Artists (1st - 3rd grade)

Age- appropriate classes in cartooning, optical illusions, and a Spring Project with watercolor and paper weaving. Cabin Fever Discount: 4 classes for $40!

Exploring Art (4th - 12th grade)

A variety of classes in drawing, shading, optical illusions, watercolors and paper weaving. Cabin Fever Discount: 4 classes for $40!

Cartoons (All ages K - Adults)

Students learn how to cartoon fish and household objects such as food, school supplies, and kitchen items. Cabin Fever Discount: 4 classes for $40!

OP Art (All ages K - Adults)

Learn how to create easy "Optical Illusions" with a change of line or shading. Waving Flag, a Hand, a Sphere, and a Coffee Cup.  Cabin Fever Discount: 4 classes for $40!

Drawing Foundations (4th grade - Adults)

Learn "how to draw" with exercises that train your eye how to "see" and add to your understanding of basic drawing concepts. Cabin Fever Discount: 4 classes for $40!

Advanced Drawing (4th grade - Adults)

Drawing projects using pencil, colored pencil, and markers. Focus is on making art look 3-D. Cabin Fever Discount: 4 classes for $40!

Watercolors (4th grade - Adults)

Draw and paint a lighthouse in 3 classes and a one-class project of "Easy Spring Tulips." Cabin Fever Discount: 4 classes for $40!

Oil Painting (4th grade - Adults)

How to create 3-D form with shading of simple shapes. Projects include a lighthouse scene and a vase of bright tulips.  Cabin Fever Discount: 4 classes for $40!

Perspective (4th grade - Adults)

How to create the illusion of 3-D on a 2-D surface. Projects include a lighthouse  and several easy ways to create depth. Cabin Fever Discount: 4 classes for $40!

COMING SOON: Calligraphy (4th grade - Adults)

Students will learn the Chancery Cursive style of lettering with a goal of creating a finished quote or saying in calligraphy.  

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Custom Art

An Excellent Teacher

Join the Fun!

House portraits, favorite scriptures or sayings in calligraphy, or favorite views of a well-loved location available in the medium of your choice. Contact Becky Mayhew for prices and details.


Join the Fun!

An Excellent Teacher

Join the Fun!

Our classes offer a chance 

to learn something new, 

give you an opportunity

to work on your art, 

and have a lot of fun! 

"These classes are the best part of Washington County. It's my favorite time of the week!" Francie M.


An Excellent Teacher

An Excellent Teacher

An Excellent Teacher

Becky Mayhew has been teaching art for over 35 years and has all of the government clearances to work with children. She has received a 5-Star rating on "Lessons.com." Students have commented that she's "the best kept secret in the Pittsburgh area." 

About Becky Mayhew


My Background

When I was young, my favorite thing to do was art. This love never faded and I chose to attend The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Though my degree is in Graphic Design, I found "my calling" as an art teacher. My greatest reward is to see students accomplish something they never thought possible. My quote I often use is, "Most people think they can't draw; perhaps it's because no one ever taught them how." I'd love to teach you how!


My Mediums

I have several different mediums that I love to use: oils, watercolors, pen & ink, and markers, depending on the subject. My work includes a variety of styles and types, but I mostly work in a realistic style. I love to draw in any medium, paint in oils and watercolor, do calligraphy, and draw caricatures and cartoons.  


My Inspiration

I enjoy gardening in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by the time I spend working there and admiring the designs and colors.  My favorite things to paint are flowers and skies. I love capturing in my work what God has created in nature.



My daughter has been taking art classes from Becky Mayhew for 5 years. She enjoys art class immensely! Mrs. Mayhew has introduced her to many types of art media; watercolor, clay sculptures, oil painting, cartooning, etc. What makes art class so enjoyable is Mrs. Mayhew's positive attitude! She has energy and passion for sharing her love of art with her students. She is joyful and gracious. She is an encourager to all her students. She has been a blessing to my daughter!

Becky W. - Houston, PA


Becky is so patient, upbeat and knowledgeable. Not only does she share her art abilities and techniques with her students, she emotes an enthusiasm and love for art that is contagious. Our daughter Paige has blossomed as an artist under Becky, and just as importantly has gained so much of the self-confidence that comes along with developing a genuine skill. Paige has been with Becky for almost 10 years now!

Bob B. - Bridgeville, PA


Becky is always positive and enthusiastic when sharing her knowledge of painting. She really imparts an understanding of the basics before going on to more advanced techniques. I learned more in one class with Becky than in a whole semester at a community college course! She gives the individual attention each person needs while keeping the class interesting for everyone. I look forward to her class every week!

Barb F. - Canonsburg, PA


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